Aqua Connect Web is an innovative pool and spa remote control that can be accessed from anywhere…at anytime. The cutting edge technology is the state-of-the-art method for monitoring and managing any pool and spa remotely. Ideal for pool owners and service companies, Aqua Connect Web is the smart control for smart pool owners and service managers who desire more time enjoying the pool and less time managing it. The cutting edge technology captures pool operating performance that can be tracked and viewed at will providing a snap-shot analysis of any pool’s performance at anytime.

By subscribing to Aqua Connect Web you receive a package of services that allows you to monitor and manage pool and spa functions from any web-enabled device, like a laptop, desktop, iPhone™,or Blackberry™. At home or on the road, you control, monitor and make changes to any pool and spa setting and receive early alerts if a problem is detected---before it becomes a major issue.

This sophisticated level of pool control helps you reduce operating costs while maintaining sparkling clean water with perfectly balanced chemistry and temperature from your office, while on vacation, on another service call—the possibilities are limitless.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Pool

Make adjustments without traveling

Monitor one pool or hundreds—all from one location 24/7/365

Enjoy more privacy with less service calls

Monitor water quality and functions continuously

Receive complete reporting and diagnostics

Aqua Connect Web puts a wealth of information at your fingertips and keeps pool maintenance companies informed as well. It gives you all of the control you are accustomed to from your pool pad—but now from the Web or wireless, web-enabled device…anytime—anywhere.

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